The Man Who Fell From Space: Felix Baumgartner Wants to ‘Inspire a Generation’

Here are some of the comments from the Press Conference given by Felix Baumgartner after his successful highest jump and where it was confirmed that he had broken the sound barrier. Austria’s Felix Baumgartner earned his place in the history books on Sunday after overcoming concerns with  the power for his visor heater that impaired his vision and nearly […]

Red Bull Stratos Unveils Capsule for Felix Baumgartner

The Red Bull Stratos science team has confirmed that the capsule delivering Austrian sportsman Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space for his record-breaking freefall attempt is mission ready. Attached to a helium balloon, the capsule – which took five years to develop and weighs 2,900 pounds fully loaded – will act as Baumgartner’s  life […]