Suitcase Psychology: What Your Luggage Says About YOU!

If you’re heading to the airport this weekend to start your holiday you might want to think twice before shoving your swimsuit and sunscreen into a hold-all that’s seen better days. Research released today by Virgin Atlantic reveals that the luggage we carry and what we pack says a lot about the type of traveller […]

Dr Oetker’s Cupcake Queen

What recipe calls for over 50kg of Regal-Ice, 50kg of Royal Icing, 20kg of Marzipan and over 40 tubes of Gel Food Colours? A Dr. Oetker celebration cake fit for a Queen. Dr Oetker has teamed-up with food artist Prudence Staite to create a 6m² portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth using 2012 cupcakes. Prudence immortalized Cheryl Cole and the Obamas with food in the past. […]