Gone Fishing at Pescatori London

Of course there are plenty more in the sea but when you get this quality of fish you don’t want to throw it back. A Mayfair staple for many years, going into Pescatori is like stepping into a Tuscan villa. White floor tiles, wrought iron chandeliers, harlequin chequered chairs and baronial fireplaces give it the air of grand […]

Philip Cooper, Michelin Star Chef Offers Recipes And His Brand New Event #Riverfood

Interest in locally sourced ingredients, regional recipes and foraging, have had chefs exploring and serving food from the land now get ready for #riverfood – a rich and diverse supply from over 125 different types of edible fish can be found in the fresh river waters of the United Kingdom. Riverfood is the idea of […]

A Cookery Holiday with a Cultural Twist in Crete

Cretan Thyme has launched a week-long culinary programme designed for those who love good food, wine, nature and company. Hosted in a renovated villa in the picturesque village of Lastros in Eastern Crete, one hour from Heraklion Airport. Using a network of local experts guests can trace the roots of the Crete cuisine back to its Minoan ancestry with archaeologists, learn […]

Dye Your Hair by Skype with YourColour

Making use of Skype and Face Time video call technology, YourColour starts with a free one-to-one video call consultation with a leading London Colourists for professional help and advice on choosing your perfect Permanent, Semi Permanent, High Lift Tint, or Toner colour, wherever you are in the UK. London’s Bar Hairdressing Salon’s top colourists then hand […]

O-food Fish and Vegetarian Sandwich and Salads Pop-up

O-food, a pop up sandwich bar in Shoreditch is showing London the future of fast food by focusing on responsibly sourced vegetarian and fish dishes – they are supporters of The Big Fish Fight initiative launched by UK chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and all their fish are non-Big 5. O-food uses fish sourced from low impact fisheries in […]

Fisherman’s Friend Ice Cream – cough, cough

An award-winning ice cream maker has pushed the boat out with a new flavour to celebrate one of Scotland’s biggest maritime celebrations. Alex Murray from Portsoy Ice Cream has created a new variety flavoured with the cough lozenge, Fisherman’s Friend, to commemorate the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, which takes place in the […]