Dinner at Maca Kizi Bodrum Turkey

On one of the nights I was at hotspot Maca Kizi a group came for dinner from the seven decked Emir of Kuwait’s yacht. A couple of weeks before, Kate Moss with family and Naomi Campbell were spotted splashing around in the crystal clear blue waters. Whether it’s for party or chill, this is Turkey’s […]

Send Your Facebook Profile on Holiday to Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is expecting a massive influx of extra visitors in the next three months without many of them actually going there. How come? These will be virtual visitors experiencing the Cape via a world-first Facebook-based travel app. The Facebook app is the idea of Cape Town Tourism and its agencies Ogilvy […]

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday – not like in The Cold Light of Day

The stress of organising holidays and the stress of actually being on them can leave you feeling as though you’ve never been away. Holidays are a brilliant chance to reconnect with loved ones in a way that isn’t always possible at home, but can sometimes be draining – especially when you’re travelling with family or […]

Antalya Hillside SU Launches Spa Treatments Package for Men

Hillside Su hotel on the shores of Antalya, Turkey is a member of the Design Hotels Group. Its 60s-inspired minimalism greets you with six enormous disco balls in the lobby and the all-white architecture and furnishings act as a blank canvas for the multi-coloured lighting that injects blasts of heat in red, yellow, green or blue. Just […]

Over Half of British Couples Argue on Holiday

ebookers.com, one of Europe’s largest online travel agents, reveals couples’ holiday habits. 59% of British couples end up arguing on holiday, with a quarter (25%) rowing by day three of their break. Topping the list of factors contributing to holiday fall-outs are: Not agreeing how to spend time together (34%), spending too much time together (27%) and […]

Sea Garden Cottages on the Isles of Scilly

New luxury island accommodation opens on the Isles of Scilly The culmination of a two-year, £10 million project on the island of Tresco, just off the Cornish coast in the idyllic Isles of Scilly, opens this May.  One of the most innovative and significant developments for the UK travel industry this year, the Sea Garden […]