Sweet Virtues: ‘super food’ luxury truffles

Sweet Virtues  are launching the UK’s first super food luxury truffles. Available in three varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, the truffles come in boxes of around 10. They are nutrient-dense and power-packed with more than five super food ingredients in every truffle. The raw centre is made up of a blend of […]

Putting the Gourmet into Dips – NEW G’Nosh Dippables with Grissini Sticks

M’mmm we like the sound of these… G’NOSH launch ‘dippables’ – a range of dips with grissini bread sticks for fuss-free snacking on-the-go or, as the Italians might say, eaten ‘al desko’. Each of the THREE NEW G’NOSH dippables packs combine a flavourful, natural G’NOSH dip with hand-twisted rosemary, polenta and black olive grissini, baked by Crosta & Mollica, suppliers of ‘really Italian’ authentic […]

Cook from Scratch – Who Stirs Wins

We are big fans of Meals from Scratch and were pleased to meet the team at the recent Specialty Fine Food fair. We got to see the new packaging which is being released today. Scratch is an alternative to ready meals and takeaway with a way of cooking a healthy meal for one from scratch without the […]