#Restaurant #Review NOPI – Five Years On

Front of house can make or break a restaurant. A cheery welcome wins hearts, but not this time on going into NOPI. Much lauded for its food and founders’ back story, the Soho outpost is a busy, shiny shrine five years on – and you still need to make a reservation. So we did. Tellingly their website reports “salads […]

MASTERCLASS: “The Knowledge” at Meantime Brewing Company Greenwich

Hops? That’s the lipstick and mascara on a beer says our Brewer and Beer Sommelier of the Year, Rod Jones. You can tell he’s not a fan of fancy, hipster-style concoctions. He’s a ‘proper brewer’ and knows his stuff inside out.  And he’s generous in sharing his know-how on this terrific one-day master class at Greenwich Meantime Brewing Company […]

The M World Cup Of Steak 2015

M Restaurants are running a competition to find the world’s best beef  –  diners are the judges alongwith food writer Joe Warwick, critic Charles Campion, M Executive Chef Michael Reid, Head Chef of The Shed & Rabbit and top butcher Oliver Gladwin. Along the lines of the Rugby World Cup, the qualifying rounds are where guests can opt […]

FOOD: Aloha to Trader Vic’s London 4th July Independence Day Dinner

Trader Vic’s are pushing out the boat, or should that be canoe, with their 4th July US Independence Day dinner. £49 per head with tasty barbeque treats from their amazing Chinese wood-fired ovens using an ancient cooking method dating back to the Han Dynasty. The ribs are delicious – and tasty, no need for the accompanying dips. […]

HAIR: Fishfoam Mousse and Plumpfish Shampoo

Fish Salon Soho have been doing great products for twenty years, since founder Paul Burfoot cooked up some wax in his shed. We already love the Fish 25ml minis at £2.99 – handy for travel or in the manbag. The texturising fishshape cream has firm but flexible hold and doesn’t dry hard. The fishfingers wax is the original and defining […]

DRINK: Tour de Teissiere at St Pancras Station

Oh those glorious summer hols in gites on the cote d’somewhere hot or in smokey cafe tabacs and poolside bars. Cast your mind back and you’ll see these great French icons on the shelves  of your childhood –  the sirops of Teissiere. Grenadine cordial seemed so exotic, so French. Well, they’ve taken their time, but Teissiere […]

Hakkasan Honours Chinese New Year Wishing Tree Tradition

For this Chinese New Year, Hakkasan, one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, is honouring the Chinese wishing tree tradition by offering a family feast and collecting written wishes from diners to hang on the lattice screens in the restaurant.  The wish collection menu runs from Sunday 8th February to Sunday 1st March at £88.88 per head. Hakkasan’s […]

Texture – Michelin Starred Food at Brasserie Prices

Well for lunch at least. There’s a quiet confidence about this intriguing restaurant on the Oxford Street side of Portman Square, London. A decade-old mystery was solved as why Robert, the Maître d’ at Texture was still receiving mail addressed to Michael Caine – the actor, not the chef. Years ago, Sir Michael and Lady […]

Abbey Clancey & James Brown in The Vauxhall’s Adam Rocks Air

Abbey Clancy stars in ‘The Vauxhalls’ a short film celebrating the launch of the ‘Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air’ directed by James Brown.  The short explores the expression of individuality through fashion, music and attitude and showcases the latest addition to Vauxhall’s ADAM range, the ADAM ROCKS AIR. Inspired by the visual style of counter-culture photographer […]

New flavour – Absolut Cherrys

This new vodka from Absolut has the taste sensation of sun-ripe cherries, followed by notes of fresh white cranberry and sweet plum.     Absolut Cherrys is made with all natural ingredients and contains no sugar. Cherrys is ideal for: ABSOLUT CHERRYS WITH COLA 1 Part Absolut Cherrys 3 Parts Cola Build in a highball […]