Putting the Ooooh into Umami with the Yondu Effect

If you’ve become a chunk rather than a hunk over lockdown you’ll be trying to cut carbs and eating more veg. But if you are stuck in a boring rut of tasteless tinfoil trays of roasted ‘Med vegetables then try the ‘Yondu effect’ – boosting yumminess without adding the usual cheats of extra salt, oil […]

Party Like it’s 1862 with Novikov and Casamigos Premium Tequila

We might still be in the midst of lockdown but thankfully London’s Novikov Restaurant & Bar won’t let that stand in the way of your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Involving lashings of – what else but – tequila, or to be more exact Casamigos, the ultra-premium, multi- award winning 100% Blue Agave brand co-created by […]

Tiger Prawn with Sweetcorn and Chilli By Ching He Huang

A quick and tasty stir-fry that is symbolic for Chinese New Year. Prawns symbolise happiness as they are homonym for ‘laughter’ and their reddish colour is synonymous with ‘luck’. The yellow colour of the corn resembles small nuggets of gold symbolizing ‘wealth’.gold symbolizing ‘wealth’.  Tiger Prawn with Sweetcorn and Chilli  Serves two  as a main […]

Festive canapés from Bake Off Flora Shedden and ao.com

The wonderfully sweet Flora Shedden shares some festive canapé tips here courtesy of the AO.com lifestyle hub of no-nonsense reviews, content and video round-ups of the things that make life great. Meeting Flora makes life great, too. So it was nice to have a coffee – from a large, shiny machine – obviously, and chat to the 19-year-old who wowed us for nine weeks on […]

Authentic Cuban Mojito with Havana Club

Mojito is the nation’s favourite cocktail, the ice is melting in a diplomatic thaw and Sunday 16th August is International Rum Day. So it’s perfect time to celebrate rum. The mojito was first created in Cuba and the authentic Cuban way is nothing fancy or complicated, just fresh ingredients and simple methods with Havana Club […]

FOOD: Oloves UK Launch – tasty new olives

We love oloves. Juicy, natural pitted olives in clever packs. Eat from the bag, garnish cocktails, toss them into salads or bake into breads,  which is just what we did at the UK launch of Oloves.   Oloves founder Matt Hunt was sat at a bar in Spain watching the topping up of the olives on […]

La Hechicera – the Colombian Rum Enchantress

Bienvenido to Colombian rum La Hechicera,  a serious contender in the grown-ups drinks cabinet. Described as ‘exotically Latin with a dash of danger,’ the same could be said for the glamorous Riascos family, founders of the brand.  Theirs is a story of banana plantations, guerilla kidnap, unsigned deals with Fidel Castro and the gentle sway […]

Malay Taste’s Family Recipes and Meal Kits

We like the look of these – unleash the exotic with Malay Taste’s authentic new product range of a fusion of flavours unique to Malaysian cuisine. In Malaysia, rather than having separate starters and main courses, all of the dishes are served at once and shared by all. A typical Malay meal will have a mix […]

The Boy Who Bakes at London’s Athenaeum

The Pudding Parlour at the athenaeum on Piccadilly in London is featuring recipes From Edd Kimber, The Boy Who Bakes. At the risk of jumping on the band wagon wheel we can’t help but notice Britain has become bake-off barmy. During British Baking Week the award-winning London’s athenaeum launched their evening Pudding Parlour with Edd Kimber, winner of BBC’s The Great […]