EE Customers Can Now Call, Text & Tweet Inflight

EE’s 26 million customers across the UK now have the option to use their own mobile phones inflight, thanks to AeroMobile. Passengers using all of the UK’s major mobile phone networks can now talk, text or browse online at 30,000ft, simply by connecting to the AeroMobile network. AeroMobile has over 220 agreements with mobile phone […]

Driver Distraction Prevention App – Block All Voice Calls, Emails And Text Whilst Moving

Romex World, a technology company specialising in workforce management solutions has developed a new Driver Distraction Prevention (DDP) application which can be installed on to employees’ telephones. This DDP application will cut-off and block all voice calls and lock the keypad to prevent any texting (or emailing) less than 1 minute after the start of […]