New to Video and Viral?

Many of the enquiries we get are clients who are new to video. Great! We’re here to help. Video is an  investment of time and money, but can give you terrific results. What Shinesquad have, is a broad range of know-how within film production, marketing and throughout social media. From the outset we will sit down […]

Super Bowl XLVI : Which brand is getting the most buzz for its buck?

Social media monitoring company, Brandwatch is on board for this year’s Super Bowl having created a live data visualization of Twitter buzz surrounding this year’s advertisers. The Super Bowl presents one of the most prestigious and most expensive advertising opportunities to global brands worldwide. With their wry animation, Brandwatch asks whether the impact of ad-spend […]

International Man of Dance – Global Superstar?

We are suckers for a viral. Remember this one? NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear! – 18 million views later and we are still coming up with things to do to the bear. So now Rosetta Stone – their slogan ‘changing the way the world learns languages’ –  are asking if they’ve created a global superstar. Have they? Your International Man […]