The First Caviar-infused Vodka – L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar

How about this for the ultimate in luxury cocktails? L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar is the first caviar-infused vodka and a first-of-its-kind taste experience.

Using state-of-the-art micro-encapsulation technology developed by the beauty industry, each pearl of caviar, whose natural membrane is made of water and algae, releases its flavour in contact with the vodka. The technique uses no artificial stabilizers, additives or flavourings in order to preserve caviar’s natural integrity. L’Orbe has patented this natural method of infusion, enabling their spirits to offer flavour combinations you won’t find anywhere else.

Inspired by the Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmö, produced in Jarnac in south-west France, the L’Orbe bottle uses transparency to display the column of caviar spheres.

Tucked away in a landscape of rocks and water, a sturgeon farm In Olsztyn in Poland produces the exceptional Royal Baeri Caviar year-round for the world’s leading caviar purveyors such as Caviar House and Petrossian. Selected for the firm yet fragile texture, Baeri is one of the most sought after caviars in the world and features the tang of the sea and rich woody aromas enhanced with delicate nutty notes and buttery mildness. The Polish vodka element is made from high-quality Dankowski Diamond rye and filtered twice over with a silky texture and incredibly pure taste.

Reviews are in and London’s legendary club, Annabel’s, The Connaught, Folie and famous Dukes Bar are rolling out the red carpet for L’Orbe.

Alessandro Palazzi, of Dukes in London says the “flavourful balance between the mineral notes of caviar and the smooth taste of rye vodka, is a beautiful blend ideal for creating the ultimate Martini.

Columnist and spirits expert, Ian Wisniewski’s flavour profile describes the nose as rich, creamy, with a touch of vanilla and briny notes. The mouthfeel is a delicately silky texture at the onset followed by a wave of smoothness and slight creaminess. Structured, distinctive notes of caviar then appear, leading into the sweet-savoury pairing with a smooth finish and the aromatic complexities of the vodka linger along with the full-flavoured taste of caviar.

To accompany a glass of L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar sushi and sashimi are best, or smoked salmon, lobster, crab, oysters and langoustine. The Vodka x Caviar pairing blends subtly with the savoury notes of gazpacho, steak or tuna tartar. It also pairs perfectly with sweet notes including white chocolate.

Fig & L’Orbe:
Ingredients: 75 ml L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar – 10 ml fig liqueur – 1 fresh fig slice

Poured simply over ice, or add a slice of fresh ginger for a sensational flavour sensation.

Vodka x Caviar paired with ginger

We’ll drink to that!

L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar is available at Fortnum & Mason in London 50 cl version for  £115