Theatre Review: Admissions

This critically acclaimed play talks about values and ideals and how we seem to have trouble following them when they threaten our personal ideas and wishes – another cracking review from Sabine “Bee” Koch…

When her son Charlie (Ben Edelman, the revelation of this theatre evening) does not get into the desired University, but his black friend does, Sherri’s (Alex Kingston) liberal values get challenged to the core. Already in the very first scene between Sherri and Roberta (Margot Leicester, hilarious) can we sense, that the issue is not as clean-cut as the protagonists wish it to be. Just seeing Sherri squirm and dance around the quota of ethnic representation and the “right” black face for her admissions catalogue is funny and telling in equal measure.

The actors sell their tensions and the underlying threat to their belief system intently but also with just the right amount of wit. After all: so often political correctness elicits not only approval but also laughter.

After an evening of great entertainment the audience is left with the question how would you react?