UK Consumers Could Be Losing £100 Million In Cash Benefits Every Year

imember logoUK consumers who belong to clubs, gyms and thousands of other organisations could be losing more than £100 million every year in cash savings and benefits, according to a major new survey by money-saving website

The survey carried out in May of more than 2,000 UK adults found that more than three-quarters (78%) belong to, or pay a regular subscription to, at least one organization.  However, more than half (52%) of those who are members of at least one organisation or service said that they didn’t know or forget what is available.

Founder of iMember, Richard Brown, explains: “Only after paying for tickets and attending an exhibition at the Royal Academy, I found out that as a Barclays Premier customer I could have got in free.  As a member of many organisations, I realised that there are a plethora of benefits and deals out there of which the UK consumer has little or no knowledge at all.”

It seems – with an estimated 10 plus million consumers who belong to clubs and other organisations in the UK which entitle them to average potential benefits of £100 or more each year – most people simply forget or are totally unaware of what is available or what they can claim.

According to Richard Brown,  it’s not the fault of the clubs if members fail to claim benefits and, in response, has launched a new free online service that ensures no one need ever lose out again. The new website reminds users when savings are available and where. A smartphone app will be available in July.

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