University of the Body launches crowd funding campaign to shake up health and fitness industry

This is the sort of thing we like – entrepreneurs, gap in the market, fitness and of course, an app.

University of the Body logoUniversity of the Body, the first product in the world to deliver a year-long gym fitness training programme in HD video, has launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo (

University of the Body videos are delivered onto a user’s smart phone and coach them through their entire workout session. Curiously, the gym industry grew through the recession but despite a huge uptake in smart phones, there are no apps that provide progressive coaching by a certified instructor.


The feature length films are compatible with any smart phone and are made to provide gym goers with real-time personal training throughout their entire workout sessions.

Videos cover all aspects of a workout, from basic training guidelines to high level performance coaching through weights training, cardio circuits and flexibility programmes.

Personal training is proven to significantly enhance performance and results. In fact, 90 per cent of gym members who say they are “achieving their fitness goals” have a personal trainer. However, just 12 per cent of gym goers can afford a professional training, leaving a major gap in the market.

University of the Body has been designed for maximum ease of use. Videos are downloaded directly onto a smart device each month. Once at the gym, users only have to press play. They watch a brief demo video before the audio soundtrack coaches them through every rep and set and are even instructed how to set up for their next exercise during their timed recovery.

Every client is also fully supported online with exercise theory videos and live weekly Q&A with trainers.

University of the Body webinar

There is a wide range of rewards on Indiegogo, including early bird prices, limited edition T-shirts and discounted corporate packages. Filming of the programme will take place at international locations and will feature Swedish bikini models, Scottish strongmen and German sports scientists.

“Gone are the days of cowboy, steroid freak personal trainers. This programme raises the whole of the industry’s standards,” says founder Peter Rodwell.

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