New to Video and Viral?

Many of the enquiries we get are clients who are new to video. Great! We’re here to help. Video is an  investment of time and money, but can give you terrific results. What Shinesquad have, is a broad range of know-how within film production, marketing and throughout social media. From the outset we will sit down with you and plan exactly how we will achieve your goals. Moving forward we’ll partner with you to ensure you get the most from your production, and really enjoy the creative process. Please come with us to the shoot days and you can always be on hand as our executive producers.
Give Shinesquad a call on Tel: +44 203 582 3832
Let’s create your film together, and let us bring new audiences to it.
Viral Video & Website Video Production
Corporate Video & Animation for Business
Commercial & Broadcast Production 
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Read about why Google and YouTube are such powerful tools for your business here. 

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