Volvo V60 Diesel Hybrid – Style, Design & Sustainable Luxury

The Volvo V60 – launched in a cool, pale Swedish-style suite at Goodwood

Exclusive design and generous standard equipment

The V60 is a good-looking car and with the first 1,000 cars that will be launched will have an eye-catching colour of ‘Electric Silver’. Each car will come with exclusive design features and generous standard equipment.The interior is comfort itself. Sitting behind the wheel and surrounded by its new luxury design felt like we’d arrived. Soft leather seats with contrasting stitching, blue neon dials on the dashboard and finished with dark or light trim gave it the air and smell of luxury finishing.

The list of standard equipment includes features such as speed-dependent power steering, electrically adjustable driver’s seat, parking sensors front and rear, an entirely digital Driver Information Monitor (DIM), Bluetooth phone link and the High Performance Multimedia DVD audio system, with its 4×40 W amplifier, eight loudspeakers and seven-inch screen. The V60 Plug-in Hybrid also offers the same world-class safety technology as do all Volvo cars.

Smartphone app

To make life easy for the driver, Volvo have developed a mobile app that allows the driver to communicate with the car. This gives the owner access to a number of smart functions, such as air conditioning, pre-cooling, after-cooling and a reminder to connect the charge cable if this has not been done by a predetermined time.

Four-wheel drive (AWD)

Another innovative feature is the electrical four-wheel drive, with a central control unit distributing power between the diesel-driven front wheels and the electrically-driven rear axle. It provides better grip when starting and when driving on slippery roads. Since electric four-wheel drive is only activated by the driver when necessary, it is more economical than conventional permanent four-wheel drive.

So the V60 Plug-in Hybrid is an ingenious car, targeting customers that are eager to adopt unique new technology but not compromising on style, design and sustainable luxury.

The first 1,000 cars for model year 2013 will be delivered to customers in December 2012. After the initial batch, production will increase to 5,000 cars as of model year 2014.

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