Welcome To London: A World Of Eating By Herb Lester Associates

There are 105 entries across sections including Africa, the West Indies, French, Greek, Indian, Pakistani & Sri Lankan, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Spanish, Turkish and even British. A beautifully illustrated map makes planning easier, allowing the reader with a cast iron constitution to plot a path across continents from breakfast to a midnight snack.

In London, the world is your oyster. It is also your bibimbap or doro wot, your fried plantain or your raclette. All of the world’s food is here, brought from home by new arrivals and received with gratitude by a population increasingly open to gastronomic adventure. 

Written by Polly Russell, historical food advisor to Heston Blumenthal, and Jenny Linford, author of books including Food Lovers’ London and the London Cookbook, the latest guide from Herb Lester Associates scouts out some of the best places to enjoy that food, and to explore a little more deeply how and why particular London neighbourhoods have become home to one country’s cooking.

José Pizarro, who has both ‘José’ and ‘Pizarro’ featured in the guide, says:

“I am absolutely delighted to be a part of this wonderful guide. It’s true; Londoners seem to have taken to my cooking like a duck to water.  It’s a real honour to have helped to make this little corner of South-East London such a foodie destination.”

Welcome_to_London cover

A guide to the whole world on a plate in London…£4.00


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