What are you listening to Harkive?

global listening projectMusic lovers around the world are being asked on Tuesday 9th July to participate in a unique online music project launched by a Birmingham City University student.

Craig Hamilton, an MA Music Industries student, is using social media to invite fellow music fans from across the globe to take part in the first ever worldwide look at how people experience their music in the fast changing digital world.

The project, dubbed Harkive, is inviting fans to submit and share their stories of how, where and why they listen to music.

Submissions will continue to be accepted until Tuesday 16th July.

Fans will be able to contribute their stories on 9th July 2013 in a number of ways, either by emailing the project, posting to social networking sites such as Twitter using the #harkive hashtag, or by posting on the wall of the Harkive Facebook page.

Website: www.harkive.org Twitter: @harkive Facebook: /harkive

We are still on Daft Punk, I’m afraid…

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