Wheely Green Minicabs – the Future for London Cabs?

Wheely a new free app for iPhone and Android, can help Londoners get around the city in style and comfort without having to resort to expensive black cabs.

The app lets users quickly and easily book a Toyota Prius minicab from a TfL-approved fleet and get a quote for the journey up front, so there are no hidden charges and no need to watch the price on the meter unfairly rise and rise while sitting in traffic, like in a black cab. So even when traffic is heavy, as it will be during London 2012, Wheely users won’t have to pay any extra.

The minicab app. Ride with style in a Prius. Available in Central London.Wheely aims to offer its users the best possible value for money, with savings of around 40 per cent when compared to black cabs and 37.5 per cent compared to Addison Lee.

If traffic jams are unavoidable Wheely users can access free Wi-Fi while in the minicab, meaning they don’t have to stop working or miss a vital email when they’re making their journey. The app lets users track their vehicle on a map so they always know where they are and friends, family and colleagues can also keep tabs on their location.

Wheely users can see ratings from other Wheely users as well as information about the driver and vehicle before they even get in the car, to ensure high standards of quality and safety for everyone using the service.

As well as being high quality, the vehicles in Wheely’s fleet are all environmentally friendly. Launch partners greentomatocars (www.greentomatocars.com) and ecoigo (www.ecoigo.com) use vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, which has 25 per cent lower carbon emissions than standard road cars.

“I don’t drive but hate the expense of black cabs, so getting around London used to be a real problem,” said Anton Chirkunov, founder of Wheely. “I decided to create a service that would beat black cabs for value and comfort, as well as offering passengers access to Wi-Fi while they are making their journey. I hope that everyone will love it as much as I do.”

Download the free iPhone app here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wheely-taxi/id380732645?mt=8

Download the free Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wheely.wheely&hl=en

Free WiFi,  40% lower fares and  25% lower emissions – what’s not to like?


  1. Say No 2 Minicabs says

    Taxis meters start at £2.40 – minimum minicab fare is £11.40 how are they cheaper?

  2. Really good to read this article , its good for every one ,thanks

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