Bermuda Beautiful at La Serena Spa

An Elemis BIOTEC face treatment at La Serena Spa at the Reefs Resort Bermuda took years off me – and a couple of hundred local bucks*.

Being a bit of geek, I liked the look of the science around the Line Eraser treatment with its galvanising micro currents, flashing lights and blasts of oxygen. Sounds a bit Frankenstein and definitely brought my monstrous skin back to life.

The blurb says wrinkles are targeted with firming and toning micro current pulses to stimulate the skin cells towards dynamic functionality – or  ‘re-educating’ the skin as I was told by my fabulous facialist Ivy.

Circulation is improved, increasing  the production of collagen and elastin, whilst the dermis is flooded with super Hyaluronic hydrating activators sealed with a re-energising Amber balm with red and blue lights to warm and de-stress the skin. After all that I should stop traffic, right?

First thing is getting into the spa bed and it’s surprisingly warm, not from the previous appointment, thankfully,  but an undercover electric blanket. So at least I’ll have a comfy hour’s rest. But no, I am  kindly told, sleep is unlikely with all the gadgetry involved and air swooshes!

There’s a lovely warm foot wash –  must be an Elemis ‘thing’ like the temple bell they used to ring before a treatment, or perhaps that my feet were smelly. I was sure I’d booked for a facial. In fact, I am still quite on edge since the accidental face full of syringes I had from booking a facial in Harley Street – yep, the surgery address should have been the clue! Read about my ‘Samantha’ moment here.

After the usual face cleaning I feel a cool thick gel spread over my face – something akin to a pregnancy scan, perhaps, so I knew something technical was coming. I am a little unnerved by the icy, wired steel balls – imagine those Newton’s cradle desk toys transferring their clacking energy with deft circular motions directing the electric current – my face acting as some kind of spa circuit board. Two areas of focus during my treatment were my jaw line and nasolabial folds (yep I had to look that up). I could actually feel that my face had tightened – I could even see my cheek bones back. There was a bit of improvement on my smile lines around my mouth;  but worth another treatment.

Next was the the light treatment with red light to stimulate collagen production and anti-bacterial blue light. Apart from a bright flash now and again from under my eye pouches this was pleasant enough and my skin did look shiny clean and fresh after the treatment.

Then comes the iron wrinkling with blasts of oxygen supposedly filling in the lines. It was nice and cool but they’d need a full tank for this face!

So yes – a powerfully rejuvenating facial with lines reduced and skin plumped. This treatment is a mini face lift.

Oh and the setting of Bermuda Reefs is stunning – just look at this view from the spa…

Bermuda Reefs

View from La Serena Spa – Bermuda


The Reefs Resort Bermuda

La Serena Gift vouchers are available from the spa or A.S. Cooper Main Store in Hamilton.

*The BIOTEC Line Eraser treatment was $209 in Jan 2020. Luckily I was super-spoiled with a La Serena Gift voucher for Christmas (thank you Bees!) so could have chosen from the wide range of treatments including Ayurvedic massages.  Highly recommended.