Bjork’s Biophilia App Now Available On Android

Björk has made her groundbreaking multimedia album, Biophilia available on Android for the first time.


The app, of which Wired said nothing has come close to the way Biophilia re-imagined the album as something functional, and which was quoted by The Guardian as ‘restoring some of the intimacy you can have with music’,

can be downloaded on Android devices:

Björk has used new technology from the San Francisco based start-up Apportable which enables native iPhone and iPad apps, such as Biophilia, to run on Android much faster and cheaper than was previously possible.

Björk’s vision of the Biophilia app has always been for it to be available as widely as possible, and Android is an important factor for this; being the biggest and most widely available platform.


Björk: Biophilia Live, the documentary film capturing the multidimensional concert centered on Björk’s eighth studio album, will begin a limited series of premiere screenings at festivals, museums, libraries, galleries and cinemas worldwide—including Moscow’s 360° Contemporary Science Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro’s Festival do Rio, Reykjavík’s Bio Paradis and Iceland Airwaves Festival, Panama City’s Biomuseo and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image—on September 5. The film recently made its European debut at the Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, at which Variety praised the film as “a captivating record of an artist in full command of her idiosyncratic powers.” Additionally, the Museum of Modern Art recently acquired the Biophilia iPad app, making it the first app in MoMA’s permanent collection. At selected screenings the documentary When Björk Met Attenborough will screen alongside Björk: Biophilia Live.

The Creators Project is premiering a trailer for the film

watch it here Bjork Biophilia Live Trailer.

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