Citrix Megatrends in the Technology Landscape

Enterprises are becoming matchmakers, pairing great talent to great work as they embrace the freelance and creative economies. Future generations will demand that their workplace embrace anywhere, any device and anytime practices. Workplaces that adopt these practices will attract the highest caliber of talent, thrive and grow beyond expectations.

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Citrix Predicts the Future of Work

Citrix Predicts the Future of Work

“Personal Digital Advantage” will define success

There are an overwhelming number of devices and software tools available today to enhance, automate, and assist people with work. The “Personal Digital Advantage” is made up of all the digital tools, hardware and software, that enable people to work and live faster, better, and more meaningfully. The value of the “Personal Digital Advantage” is found when individuals master five specific practices, which are: seamless multi-device experiences, attention and information management, speed learning, real-time digital assistance and time warping through automation. These are not optional. Each is required in order to be successful in a world that is constantly changing, flooded with information, and overwhelming with priorities that absorb more time than available.

Technology abundance enables the creative revolution

An abundance of technology gives individuals more freedom to create and make unique contributions to society. The recent emergence of Internet-enabled sharing economies, such as Uber and AirBnB, and giving economies, such as those enabled by Kickstarter, will become more pervasive. Ongoing growth of readily available free tools and technologies, and the increased sharing of resources, will act to enhance the quality of life of greater humanity.

These predictions illustrate the advances in technology that will significantly influence how humans will live and how the workplace will evolve by 2019.


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