Fly Victor Private Jet Share – fed up with budget airlines?

Struggling to get to your wonderful hotel or yacht?  Fed-up with the low-cost flight experience at the height of summer? Then this might be the solution…

Victor is launching a private jet seat sale to the Mediterranean hot spots of Mallorca, Ibiza and the Côte d’Azur. Those who previously thought private aviation was out of the question, or who said those who fly private would not be happy to share, are being asked to ‘Think Again’ with seats available from £995 with just six seats per plane.

Using smart algorithms, they’ve worked out the top 5 routes across Europe and regular flights are being made available on peak season dates from Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Luton, Zurich and Munich.

Victor is unveiling strategic partnerships with some of the most exclusive addresses in the Mediterranean. Victor members will enjoy places such as:  La Residencia – an Orient Express boutique hotel, Gran Hotel Son Net and Son Brull, Mallorca; Hacienda Xa Namena and exclusive to Victor members, the private island, Tagomago Island, Ibiza; Chateau d’Eza in the Côted’Azur and with super yacht company, Burgess Yachts.

Now where’s my passport?

Update: 2 July 2012 – VICTOR has been named by the British Travel Awards (BTAs) as one of the shortlisted contenders for the BEST FLIGHT BOOKING COMPANY 2012.

 Victor is the global online marketplace for private jet travel. The highly innovative concept is a quote, compare, book and pay –less model providing jet charterers with the unique opportunity of defraying their costs by selling spare capacity either in their cabin or the empty leg – which has created a brand new market for travel by private jet on a per seat basis at business class fares. As a marketplace, Victor does not charge commission, favoring instead a flat 5% booking fee and aims to significantly reduce the cost of private jet travel.

The winners of the 2012 British Travel Awards will be announced at a ceremony on 1 November at the Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park, London.

You can also now take your pet pooch on the plane. Here’s an article First Class Fido

Update: October 2012 – Victor, the world’s first marketplace for jet charters and per seat bookings today launches a worldwide service, introducing 20,000 new airports. In contrast to the difficulties faced by traditional jet charter brokers and pre-paid models, Victor is growing quickly and we are this week launching our service worldwide. We can now provide quotations on routes such as London to New York and Dubai and inter-Asia routes such as Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Launched one year ago by UK entrepreneur, Clive Jackson, Victor is at the forefront of a new breed of peer-to-peer internet businesses where like-minded individuals can group their travel needs together and share the cost of jet charters. In one year, Victor’s membership has grown from 200 to over 2,000 high net worth individuals who want complete transparency, cutting out the middleman and receiving the best deal.

 “Having proven our business model in Europe, we have seen significant growth in our international membership, and with 46% of members coming from outside the UK we are confident the time is right to introduce our global service.  The key is to give our customers what they want when they need it – which shouldn’t be too hard, as we’re the only super-luxury consumer brand that has been conceived and developed by the consumers who use it. In fact 75% of our shareholders are actual members. As an internet-based business the opportunity for growth is endless and there is still no one out there like us. Our ambition is to become the definitive consumer marketplace for jet charters,” comments Jackson.

A sample charter price from London to New York starts at $48,000 (£30,000) for a 14-seat Gulfstream G IV – on a per-seat basis for 10 seats this equates to $4,800 (£3,000). This competes with some first class one-way fares from leading commercial airlines where the same route costs around $9,600 (£6,000).

Victor members can also offset the costs of their charter by choosing to sell seats to other Victor members, either on the aircraft they are travelling in or the returning empty leg. By opening up private jet travel on a per seat basis, Victor is attempting to grow the market, by targeting business and first class passengers who want all the convenience and time saving of private travel, but at a fraction of the cost.

It is free to join Victor at Once registered, members can request quotes, search available seats and find other members who wish to combine the cost of a charter. Victor provides a completely transparent service that saves time and effort while ensuring members are getting the best deal.


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