From Bouffy to Buff: How At Home Custom Colour Hair Dye Kits For Men Have Come of Age with Colorsmith

“Wow you look fantastic, have you had something done?” Well yes, actually. A very subtle but effective colour for my hair from Colorsmith. I am sure like many, I’d given up on my hair during lockdown, my only product was hairspray and I embraced the Raine, Countess Spencer bouffy do for anything on zoom.

What started with the Craft My Colour button on has given me a new look and I suppose, brought back my hair colour confidence. It’s funny how hair, or lack of hair can really affect your sense of self. I love having hair, and lucky to have lots of it, but if I lost it I’d say well I had a good run. Now this streak just got so much better.

But just so know, there’s a bit of history here. Man walks into a barbershop and asks for a George Clooney – you know salt and pepper, nice tight cut and comes out with an Elvis Presley mink brown quiff. Years later same man walks into a unisex place on holiday and asks for subtle sun-kissed highlights and comes out platinum blonde Madonna. So after years of home kits promising natural looking colour, which really just gave me obvious grey roots within days I gave up on colouring. I’ve enjoyed being grey, it’s been easy but with swimming and sun my hair was often a bit Fag Ash Lil brassy. I tried silver rinses which never delivered  and I ended up like looking like somebody’s (much-loved, hopefully) nan.

Going through the steps online with Colorsmith was quite cathartic, clicking a few buttons, writing a few comments about my colour history, what I now wanted and uploading a photo of my current colour. I’d prefer subtle and I’ve never got that before with a home kit.  So after a couple of days, here in front of me a very stylish box with a note inside from Katharina, my real life salon colourist.

Colorsmith hair dye kit

There’s so many boxes and sachets (all 100% recyclable) it feels like I’ve been sent a gift. Everything is labelled, no gobbledegook and it feels personal. There are tutorials on line on how to set up the contents of the box and how to apply the colour.  I went for dark natural golden blond colour and demi permanent dye, so it wouldn’t wash out immediately. The colour has definitely lasted longer and fades beautifully – this innocent looking vial was pure magic in givng me colour but still keeping some of my silver locks.The mix I was sent was dark blonde base with gold, your technician can make adjustments down to 1/4th of a single shade. The product is good for moustache and beards too.


The magic vial from Colorsmith

The small details impressed me – a protector jelly and stain remover that you’d only associate with a salon, a long tail comb, and there’s even a sticker to attach the instructions to the mirror or tiles – none of that unfurling fans of paper instructions to find one small paragraph in English.

Mixing and applying the dye didn’t take long, ten minutes, and it was a pleasurable experience. No tight plastic gloves and dark spills over the sink. No awful ammonia smell – just what do they put in those kits to make them smell so bad?


Make sure you’ve opened the shampoo and conditioner sachets before you get in the shower as they are quite tough to open with your mouth. The clay brown run off water down the plughole told me something had happened.  So, ta-dah here’s a warmer honeyed Clooney with a bit of Presley swagger.

For more information about Colorsmith hair care or to create a colour profile, please visit

A one-time order is £24 or you can start a regular Colour Plan with your first order just £8.00 and future orders are £19.  

Colorsmith launched in 2020 to offer a completely custom and effortless home hair colour experience for men with options for natural-looking grey coverage on their own terms. Colorsmith’s made-to-order men’s hair colour is individually crafted by professional licensed colourists and is never premixed or premade. Each order included custom colour, personalised, easy-to-follow instructions, colouring tools and access to colourists who can help at every step of the way.

The brand’s tested hair colour formula contains the highest quality of ingredients including Vitamin E, Keratin and Soybean Protein, and is Ammonia-, PPD-, Resorcinol-, Paraben-, and Phthalate-free. Additionally, the brand’s Grey Reduction Program enables men to maintain their salt and pepper look or gradually blend their greys over time.

It works, and I’ll be taking a regular subscription – it really is worth it.