Obikà – Big Balls of Mozzarella at Taste of London

We are big fans of the aperitivo – share our love for Sprizzato here and Banca here.  Now comes… Obikà will bring the concept of Aperitivo to the most anticipated foodie festival of the year, Taste of London. Thursday 20 June – Sunday 23 June 2013 at S7, Taste of London, Regents Park, London, NW1 5HA. London is […]

Sprizzato! The New Cheers in Italian

Sprizzato is a new delicious and light drink that sparkles with Italian sunshine and captures the leisurely pace of The Mediterranean in every drop. Poured into a tall glass with chunks of ice, washed over with prosecco and a slice, it is pure heaven. Here @alangreenhalgh in praise of his favourite drink… As a kid I […]