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We know it´s a bit early to be talking festivals but our intrepid James Alexander has early dibs on Wilkinson’s great, low-priced products, that when selected wisely would ease, prevent, and cushion his lost eight hours and weeks of subsequent pain.

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Here´s his Festival Essentials  –

First is the Dry Shampoo.

A must have if you want to attract any festival fairies, and if you’re a fella like me with a barnet you’re proud of. It’s the festival essential, as it refreshes locks without water, and at 98p, is an absolute bargain!

Second are the wipes.

3-1 Fragrance free facial wipes. These, as anyone with festival experience would tell you, are how you wash your tackle! I figure (in my perfectly sane logic) that if they’re good enough for your face, then they’ll do wonders for keeping the boys in the barracks fresh for the daisies!

And if this year is your first festival, you will be thanking me big time. 57p for a pack of 25 or two for 97p.

Third is the really clever one…

Wasp Repellant – which is also a really good UV factor 30 suncream.

Most insect repellant tends to smell like a bath mat, but this stuff is odor-free and the UV protector is kid strength, so my advice would be to put it onto all the obvious problem spots like the, potentially, VERY painful backs of the knees!

They have lots of different types of creams ranging from factor 30 to 50 and all starting at a pretty £2.00.

Fourth is the standard UV protection and Aftersun. Wilkinson’s do an extremely great deal on SPF’s 15 -50 at £2.00 a bottle and awesome aftersun lotions, gels and body butters from £1.50.

Finally we have the vitamins. Pay particular attention to Vitamin C £1.18 (to come back out of the rabbit hole), the A-Z Multivitamins £1.98 for the all rounder (the potassium hit is to get the happiness back), and let´s chuck in Starflower with Vitamin E £1.99- just in case you’re with a girlfriend who suddenly gets her entire festival ruined by chronic period pains – but everyone loves a hero.

Total cost of your essential festival survival pack for the man-about -town out-of-town is: £12.60

Now, bloody make sure that you get all of this stuff in and packed before hitting the fields this year! Not just because it will add comfort to the whole experience and prevent you from reliving what I had suffered, but also because many festival stores mark everything up, and you could be faced with double the cost.

It is catchment pricing at its worse, daylight robbery.  Seriously, this is the realm of the £8 burger.

With a little prior planning you will maximise the amount of fun you can have and not end up in a world of pain, and forgotten hours.

All that is left is for you to pick is which festival?

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