9Bar vs Porridge – Seeds vs Grains

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The Men About Town go to the gym… Well, we’re members of a gym. We do still go, the last time we went for a full ‘muscle breaking session’ was about a week ago, and it does count, it does… Healthy living has fast become a big part of a young man’s lifestyle. Washboard abs and arms the size of General Shermans. These are now goals, not too far away, from our sensible eating, cat loving, motorcycle riding men about town.

However, it isn’t all about the gym…

Eating well is a massive part of the journey to Greek god and we are more than aware of the benefits to a good diet. Out of the five men about town, we have one veggie, one who is currently on a paleolithic diet (the berries give him a Cherryade moustache, it’s very funny) and two currently not eating carbs after 6pm. The other just really loves cats and says that he eats when he’s hungry – he’s from Yorkshire :/

Greek God

Greek God

So, when we were invited by the good people at 9Bar to try out their range of nutritious seed bars we were immediately intrigued. Breakfast consists of a cup of coffee before the gym, but if it’s an early start then we usually all have a bowl of porridge. Going to drama school for three years does that to a man – Oliver! and all that…

9Bar New Packaging

Cereal bars have never really been on the radar until now. We always sorta passed them off as reinventing of the wheel by greedy hippies seeing the prospects of selling things that fall from trees. But, but…! We know that they are all the rage these days.  So, when we were asked to try 9Bar’s range of bars for the morning, that promised a slow release of energy and that perfect morning boost, we couldn’t resist but to put them to the test, against our firm old pal, a heavy bowl of gruel.

Here’s our 9Bar vs porridge test

Prep time?
Porridge: 2/3 mins
9bar: 2 secs
Porridge: 4-10 meters perimeter around kitchen area, anywhere over just looks weird.
9bar: Eat anywhere and anytime.
Gluten free?
Porridge: No
9bar: Yes
Dairy free?
Porridge: If you like it with water, yuk!
9bar: Yes
Wheat free?
Porridge: No
9bar: Yes
Porridge: add your own
9bar: They have carob
Available in prison?
Porridge: Yes, of course it’s what you are there doing…
9bar: Not unless it’s requested and brought as a gift from a ‘riend outside.

Here’s our take on the range…

We tried the 5 delicious varieties – original – nutty – pumpkin – flax and organic


The Original nine bar is said to be the ‘daddy’ of seed bars. Its ingredients includes mixed seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and poppy.


Nutty 9bars are the chunky offspring of our original 9bar, containing unique mix of densely nutritious nuts and seeds, including sunflower seeds to dehulled hemp, mixed nuts of cashew, pistachio, almonds and hazelnuts.


Pumpkin 9bars have a sweet, more delicate taste than the rest of the nine bar range and without the carob coating you can see all those deliciously tasty seeds. Ingredients of mixed seeds including sunflower, sesame, poppy, dehulled hemp and pumpkin seeds.


Flax 9bars are the quirky cousin of the 9bar family, they are a favourite among their uber healthy fans as they combine all the added superfood goodness of flax along with the usual delicious 9bar nutrition. Ingredients of sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, poppy, dehulled hemp and Flax seed.


The organic 9bar offers all the visual deliciously tasty nine bar goodness will be added assurance that comes with the organic 9bar. Ingredients include sunflower pumpkin sesame poppy and dehulled hemp.

Our Verdict

They actually beat a bowl of porridge by a long long way. They are portable, tasty and really effective in the slow release of energy pick me up sort of way. Perfect for athletes, and getting you through that boring Tuesday afternoon in the office.

Seeds are packed with vitmims and not many people are aware of seeds leading benefits. They should be a vital part of any diet, whats more they are gluten free, dairy and wheat free, and at 48p a bar you cannot go wrong.

Pick up a pack from your supermarket today, and see for yourself.


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