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We work with stunning animators.

Shinesquad’s animation video production services bring your brand to life. Animation is a great way to show how and what you do. Animation grabs attention. In a quick visual summary you can describe all kinds of dense instructional information, display methods, analysis, info graphics and findings in an engaging and stylish way. Animation is cost-effective and it has the ability to speak to a global audience. If you’re seeking to bring your company logo to life, enhance its appearance, demonstrate what you do and tell the story and values of your brand animation does this effectively. Shinesquad has the expertise and creativity to produce fresh, engaging animated content. 

It’s a business tool and a thing of beauty. You can demonstrate a product way beyond photography. And if it’s a proto-type you can create walk through and realism limited only by imagination. 3D animation with HD technology on flat and touch screen gives a super realistic, high-tech or futuristic experience to elevate the perception of your brand and its products.

Shinesquad will ease you through the creative process, helping you with the best ideas for your business.

From pre-production, production, slick video editing and post production and delivery, Shinesquad will be with you every step of the way.

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