Behind The Scenes: Krispy Kreme

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of the secret recipe, yeast-raised hot doughnuts of the world famous Krispy Kremes.

Hot Doughnuts Now

Krispy Kreme – since 1937!

The story starts at 4 am when five vans leave 197 Burlington Road in New Malden headed to 64 locations in London and the South East. It takes 90 minutes to get the doughnut into the box, and this store makes 270 dozen doughnuts an hour.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Theatre

Krispy Kreme


We got to see the glazed doughnuts being made. After mixing the eggs, milk, soya, wheat and barley flour the mix goes through an extruder to get that hole in the middle shape,  gets placed on a vertical conveyor belt through the heated proofing cabinet for 33 minutes before heading into the hot vegetable oil – a blend of palm and sunflower oils and then through icing sprayer.

Krispy Kreme dough

Krispy Kreme dough

Krispy Kreme extruder

The extruder that pumps out the ring-shaped dough

Krispy Kreme

Into the proofing cabinet

Hot Doughnuts Now

getting fried

Krispy Kreme

The icing on the doughnut

Krispy Kreme

conveyor belt heaven

Krispy Kreme


man in london food blogger

chocolate and sprinkle


man in london

Here’s one I made earlier

Simple, automatic and delicious. Producing up to 16 varieties of doughnuts from the original iced to the latest Caramelised Biscoff Doughnut and new Chocomania collection, these treats are made fresh all day, every day.

And we love them.

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Dwayne Chambers, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer with Krispy Kreme tells us why they eliminated their traditional marketing, and replaced it with local efforts fused with social and digital media.

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