Bringing Independent Publishers To The High Street

Literary entrepreneur Daisy White provides a marketing platform for independent publishers and self-published authors to showcase their work on the High Street. The Bookshop ‘pops up’ in empty shops/community spaces and includes a booktique section, and a gallery for emerging artists and illustrators.

Daisy White's The Bookshop

Daisy White’s The Bookshop

Authors and artists can interact with their readers at book signings and launches, and generally enjoy a host of creative chat and advice. The internet provides a vast opportunity for ‘indie’ authors, but The Bookshop takes their creativity to a human level, and provides the kind of exposure needed to ‘stand out from the crowd’.

Readers today are knowledgable and discerning, and this venture enables them to chat to authors before they buy, discovering the personality behind the book.

Daisy White’s Pop-Up Indie Bookshop is currently appearing in the PopUp Britain retail showcase in Ashford, Kent, before moving to Tunsgate Square Shopping Centre, Guildford, Surrey for six weeks.

Dasiy White The Bookshop

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