MOVIE PREVIEW: Wasp from debut director Philippe Audi-Dor and Blue Shadows Films

Love stings, and how! Wasp. A beautiful film set in the sun-soaked, insect and flower strewn Gordes in Provence. An old family house is opened up to a new summer with the two lovers and one of their friends. It’s evocative of the scents and sounds of a rural French retreat. Calm yet disturbing, where […]

Bringing Independent Publishers To The High Street

Literary entrepreneur Daisy White provides a marketing platform for independent publishers and self-published authors to showcase their work on the High Street. The Bookshop ‘pops up’ in empty shops/community spaces and includes a booktique section, and a gallery for emerging artists and illustrators. Authors and artists can interact with their readers at book signings and […]

Suzuki/Method debut Country Cousins

Summer 2011 and Manchester is burning. Thousands of the city’s inhabitants are participating in the biggest outbreak of civil unrest in England for the last 30 years. Smoke bellows from overturned cars, masked figures move in force through desolated streets while sirens scream in the distance….a riot. But amidst the destruction, in an abandoned bedsit, something very different […]