Urban Forage Menu at The Crooked Well in Camberwell

No, not words we’d expected to write either, but  there are an  incredible array of edible ingredients on the doorstep of acclaimed  neighbourhood restaurant and bar The Crooked Well in Camberwell, South London.

Diners are presented with an urban foraging menu with dandelion, meadowsweet and pine needles from the wilds of the local area.  For those that don’t know Camberwell – it’s  built-up inner city with tower blocks and elegant Georgian houses and where, in ye olde days,   people from the City of London were expelled when they had life-threatening diseases  for treatment in the clean, healing waters of the local wells.

The menu is available into August and September and will include surprising dishes such as:

Pan Fried Salmon Trout with Dandelion Ravioli, Sorrel Butter Sauce, Jelly Ear Fungi and Crisp Fennel - The Crooked Well

Pan Fried Salmon Trout with Dandelion Ravioli, Sorrel Butter Sauce, Jelly Ear Fungi and Crisp Fennel – The Crooked Well    

Fried Duck Egg with Wild Leaf and Flower Salad and Truffle Mayonnaise

Meadowsweet Panna Cotta with Pine Needle Jelly

and (photo above) Pan Fried Salmon Trout with Dandelion Ravioli, Sorrel Butter Sauce, Jelly Ear Fungi and Crisp Fennel 

You can even have some wild foliage in your drinks with cocktails using infusions, syrups and foraged ingredients, such as mint, hyssop leaves, thyme and nettles.

Earlier this year, the venue teamed up with Nick Weston, founder of the Hunter:Gather:Cook School in Sussex, and resident ‘survival expert’ for the Channel 4 series Shipwrecked, to take regulars on an urban foraging expedition and with advice from Weston, Head Chef Matt Green-Armytage, decided to put this produce on the menu.

There is nothing new in this but the team at The Crooked Well have brought a piece of a bygone age into the area with its relaxed atmosphere and hearty menu all harking back to a time when Camberwell was renowned for its fields of flowers, market gardens and fruit trees, bringing the heritage of the restaurant to the forefront and celebrating the simplicity of delicious dishes using only local produce.

The Crooked Well has a comfortable charm, with oak floorboards, traditional wooden wainscoting, strong patterned botanical influenced wallpapers and a Victorian tiled bar area with intimate, low hanging pendant lights and provides a warm  backdrop to an afternoon or evening meal.

 The urban foraging menu is available in the final week of July, August and September.

To book, call 020 7252 7798 or visit TheCrookedWell.com

 The Crooked Well

16 Grove Lane




Opening Times:

Mon: 17:00—00:00

Tues-Thurs: 12:30—00:00

Fri-Sat: 12:30—01:00

Sun: 12:30—23:00




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