Din Tai Fung Dumplings Served by Robots at Centre Point London

Din Tai Fung, theTaiwanese dumpling hotspot, is set to launch a third London site at Centre Point on 1st October 2022 (revised). The restaurant, set over 13,500 sq ft seats 218 and will offer a panoramic dining experience with floor-to-ceiling double-height windows on both sides. Excitingly, diners will have dishes delivered by robots, providing a unique dining experience here in London.

Din Tai Fung opens at Centrepoint London

Din Tai Fung – Beef Xiao Long Bao

Serving the same menu as its sister sites in Covent Garden and Selfridges which features their signature dish Xiao Long Bao – steaming hot ‘soup dumplings’ – which are said to have a ‘cult-like following’. Each Xiao Long Bao undergoes 40 minutes of hand preparation of rolling, filling and folding to create 18 precise folds. To celebrate this artistry and skill, Din Tai Fung Centre Point will have an open kitchen at the centre of the restaurant.

There is also a varied menu of handmade dumplings and rice and noodle dishes as well as a treat in the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Lava Buns, which offer a sweet twist on classic steamed buns.

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Lava Buns at Din Tai Fung Centre Point

There will also be a large separate bar area, serving the brand’s signature cocktails Din, Tai and Fung which will be a go to place for post-work cocktails, evening drinks or before heading to the newly opened Outernet London and Soho Place Theatre in this renewed media, culture and music district.

Ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Best Restaurants by The New York Times and founded over 60 years ago, with more than 100 million Xiao Long Bao served globally each year, this opening at landmark Centre Point, also due to celebrate its 60th anniversary next year, is a welcome addition to the creative and cultural heartbeat of this ever-changing city.