Eurofishion at SEA LIFE Aquarium – It’s All About The Bass!

SEA LIFE London Aquarium pays homage to the world-famous Eurovision song contest by releasing an alternative track titled ‘EuroFISHion’ – made up entirely of sounds typically made by creatures found along the coast of many Western European countries such as the Gilthead Seabream, and the Clown Anemone Fish, found throughout Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef. Following a series of recording sessions in the attraction, the track was then mixed at Abbey Road studios in London. 

Celebrating the return of the famous song contest to the UK after 25 years, SEA LIFE London Aquarium joined forces with Prof. Steve Simpson, Professor of Marine Biology & Global Change at the University of Bristol and a featured scientist on the BBC’s landmark show, Blue Planet II. 

Prof. Steve and his student, Emily Lane, recorded the underwater sounds using specialist hydrophones placed deep into several tanks including the Ocean Tank and the Coral Kingdom. “The more we listen to the ocean and its amazing host of animals, the more we learn.  Everything from whales to dolphins to fish to lobsters, and even seagrass and seaweed, pitch in to the ocean orchestra of sounds. We can hear biodiversity, we can track the fate of habitats as they decline and recover, and we can measure the sounds of breeding and feeding activities from coral reefs to rock pools to the deep ocean.” 

12 points from us.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s EuroFISHion is available to download on SoundCloud here

SEA LIFE London Aquarium releases ‘EuroFISHion’, the world’s first track mixed entirely from sounds made by its creatures, to celebrate the return of the famous song contest to the UK after a 25 year hiatus.


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