Looking For The Perfect Food? It’s High Quality European Olive Oil

During the last year, over 40 London restaurants promoted extra virgin olive oil as part of the broader European initiative to inform us about this perfect food, regarded as one of the oldest and the healthiest. Thomas Jefferson had it right saying, ‘the olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven’.

At a gala dinner, hosted by restaurant guru, wine taster, food and drink expert Luisa Welch  at Restaurante Osteria Del Angolo, olives were used throughout the meal.

The delicious three-course dinner was  created by the Head Chef  Demian Mazzocchi who paired each dish with a different extra virgin olive oil from Italy.



Sweet crostino...

Sweet crostino…

Dishes served were risotto with Romanesco broccoli and salt cod Venetian-style with olive oil Olitalia and a sweet crostino topped with Redoro olive oil ice cream and rosemary.

Unaprol, the largest association of Italian olive oil producers, co-funded by the EU and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is promoting “High Quality European Olive Oil” using the healthy Mediterranean diet to encourage their use over other traditional fats.

Producers taking part include , the world’s most widely distributed olive oil brand,  quality brand OL.MA and REDORO hand-harvested, cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Want to eat fabulous Italian olive oils?

Where: OSTERIA DELL’ANGOLO, 47 Marsham St, Westminster, London SW1P  3DR (nearest tube Westminster)



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