MailOnline – Global Expansion Plans

The MailOnline, the world’s biggest newspaper website, has announced plans for significant expansion.

The website is to increase staffing levels in its UK and US offices, and prepare for the possibility of opening new offices in other territories. The website achieved its best ever month in May 2013, with 128,599,300 monthly unique browsers, but Publisher Martin Clarke has ambitious goals.

“We feel there are massive opportunities for further growth for the MailOnline around the world,” he says. “But it is crucial that we develop and find the right journalistic talent to fuel these plans.

“We’ve been very successful in the domestic and American markets thanks to the strengths of the core editorial team we have here – they’re the best. Now I want to find and hire the best journalists outside of the MailOnline to help us grow that success.

“The global publishing market is tougher than it ever has been and the jobs we’re looking to fill will be very demanding. However the opportunities are enormous, which is why we need the cream of the journalistic crop to realise our ambitions.”

Clarke refused to expand on the number and nature of the roles he was seeking to fill but did say they ranged from reporters to very senior level staff, from sections heads to potential site Editors.

Big numbers!


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