Wild Mushrooms are a Secretive Affair at Spaghetti House

One thing is for certain about foraging for wild mushrooms around Lake Maggiore in Piemonte, where the Lavarini family come from. Still the owners of London’s Spaghetti House group of restaurants, they will tell you that it’s a very secretive affair. Sadly, they are not about to reveal their hidden spots but you can taste what […]

Game, Set & Strawberries on Spaghetti House June Menu

It’s Wimbledon soon (23 June – 6 July) where strawberries are traditional, but it’s also the best time of year to enjoy the pick of the crop, and the ones you’ll find on the Spaghetti House menu come from one of Norfolk’s best producers, Fairview Nurseries in the village of Enmeth. Here, Stuart the father, is helped […]

British Spring the Italian Way at Spaghetti House

Food with provenance, fresh, cooked to order, tasty and seasonal: it’s all here on the Spaghetti House Spring menu to surprise diners with new dishes, and a quality of food not often associated with restaurant groups. We tried it, and it’s true. A passionate team led by Group Executive Chef Chris O’Neill and a hands-on […]