The Circus of Horrors – London After Midnight

18 years ago when the Circus of Horrors made its debut at the Glastonbury festival nobody believed it would last 18 weeks let alone 18 years. You’ve now seen them in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent and they are bringing their show to a theatre near you.


And becomes the first circus to appear in a resident season in a West End Theatre for the last 100 years.


The current tour starting in October and running to the end of March will see another giant leap for the show when it begin’s a series of dates at The Lyric Theatre in London’s West End. In addition to the London dates The Circus of Horrors will be engaging in a huge British tour, taking in around 100 venues in pretty well all of the UK’s major cities from Inverness to Truro.

‘London after Midnight’  is set in plague ridden London climaxing with the Great Fire of 1666. The story twists and turns with grisly murders and sensational shocks – all interwoven with some bizarre circus acts, sword swallowers, knife throwers, daredevil balancing acts, astounding aerialists, a dwarf strong man, ‘Hairculian’ hair hanging beauty, sinister sisters, gyrating & fire limboing acrobats, dislocating contortionist  and illusions designed by Simon Drake (Secret Cabaret) & much more.

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