The Rules of Make-up for Emirates Cabin Crew

Ever wonder how Emirates cabin crew look immaculate after a long-haul flight?

Here’s the scoop on the “rules” of make-up given to the cabin crew:

• Your foundation needs to be as close to your natural skin colour as possible in order for your skin to appear even.

• Do not use lip gloss over lipstick as the colour wears off quicker and the gloss can change the pigment in the lipstick giving it a different colour.

• Be careful of using bronzer as it can make the skin appear “tired” especially in the aircraft lighting.

• Be mindful when choosing mascara, as waterproof mascara tend to dry out lashes when used over long periods and for long hours at a time.

• Do not draw your lip pencil outside of your lip line.

• Using eye-liner on the top lid, will give the appearance of more open, larger eyes, for those ultra long trips.

Here are some tips for Emirates customers on how to look great when stepping off a flight:

• Avoid make-up during the flight, if make-up is a must use a light concealer/tinted moisturiser, a bit of mascara, blusher and lip gloss/lipstick, try to avoid heavy make-up.

• In the case that make-up is worn to the flight, remove it during the flight.

• Use lip balm throughout the flight.

• Body lotion to be applied at intervals throughout the flight.

• Before landing use a cleanser/daily exfoliator, moisturizer and an eye gel (mini skin care routine) – this will help with your skin appearing vibrant and feeling fresh.

• After the mini skin care routine is carried out – make-up can be applied. Under-eye concealers with light reflectors are recommended it helps the eyes to appear refreshed.

• For a fresh look use a natural foundation and soft blusher (light pink/peach), mascara and a natural lip gloss.

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