Troubadour Theatre to Launch a Brand New Venue at White City Place in 2019

Like buses, not one but two new theatres have come along this month! Opening in summer 2019, the new theatre will join a thriving new neighbourhood at White City Place, neighbouring other destinations such as Soho House and Westfield Shopping Centre.

UPDATE Feb 2020: Troubadour White City Theatre is to close down permanently less than a year after launching, with management revealing its west London site is being redeveloped

Troubadour White City Theatre will be operated by the award-winning team behind the successful King’s Cross Theatre, home to the Olivier-award winning The Railway Children and David Bowie’s Lazarus and Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre which will open in summer 2019. The new state-of-the-art hub will consist of a 1,200-seat fully flexible theatre plus an 800-seat fully flexible multi-purpose venue with an interconnecting foyer space complete with a large onsite bar; continuing to showcase a ground-breaking and exciting programme of large-scale theatrical shows, film screenings, exhibitions, concerts and international events.

Troubadour Theatres will seek to work with the local community and wider city through sustained and meaningful partnerships with local businesses, residents, community groups and schools, with the aim of finding ways to give opportunities to the next generation of talent. Troubadour White City Theatre is committed to creating a theatre that operates efficiently, provides local employment and runs an environmentally sustainable way.

“Troubadour Theatres are excited to break the mould of traditional theatres and bring new innovative spaces to audiences and producers alike.”

White City Place is a group of re-imagined buildings in White City from RIBA award-winning architects Allies & Morrison, set around a newly landscaped central avenue with high quality retail spaces, restaurants and gardens. Totalling 566,290 sq ft of new office space, the buildings have been designed for modern creative businesses. First confirmed tenants to move into White City Place include YOOX Net-A-Porter, ITV, The Royal College of Art, Huckletree, Autolus, Jellycat and The Paul Institute.

A series of leading restaurants have also recently opened at White City Place, marking it out as a true foodie destination in west London. These include, W12 Studios, Coco di Mama, WAKA, Shola, Herman ze German and The Athenian.

UPDATE Feb 2020: Troubadour White City Theatre is to close down permanently less than a year after launching, with management revealing its west London site is being redeveloped

A statement from Troubadour, which is run by producers Tristan Baker and Oliver Royds, said the site’s developers had prevented it from staging shows for several months while redevelopment plans were pending.

It said: “Stanhope, the developers of White City Place, notified us in October 2019 that the site which includes Troubadour White City Theatre could potentially be repurposed for development. During this time we were unable to programme any further theatre productions in our two theatre spaces and therefore solely focused on hosting a combination of corporate, community and charitable events.

“We have now had confirmation that this development is going ahead and have subsequently begun work of removing the structures in order to vacate the site by April 2020.”

Both the White City and Wembley Park Theatres are built using a reusable, modular construction method that means they can be taken down and rebuilt in 12 weeks. Troubadour added that it is currently searching for a new site for the theatre and would announce further plans soon.

It also stressed that the operation of the Wembley Park theatre would not be impacted by White City’s closure.