What You Need To Know About The Latest Search Changes At Google

MMGYSince the very inception of Google, links to a website, which come from external websites, have been a critically important ranking factor. Specifically, Google analyzes the number of times other sites have linked to the website, the quality and content of the linking site, the anchor text that is used in the link, and the sites related to the linking site.

On April 24 of 2012, Google announced an update to their search algorithm code-named Penguin which is entirely about decreasing the rankings of sites that use blackhat SEO methods to rank artificially higher in search results. A large part of the Penguin update pertained to links as 25,000 sites were penalized for unnatural links in the first wave of Penguin. Since the initial Penguin update, Google has released two more Penguin updates and Google’s Matt Cutts has announced that they are about to release a fourth Penguin update – and it’s going to be a whopper. Entire blog networks will be de-indexed and a large number of sites will be penalized.

One of the major issues faced by companies that have been hit hard by past Penguin updates is that, even if they do everything right and have unnatural links removed, Google won’t have the penalties removed until the next Penguin Update. That can mean five to six months with no organic traffic from Google, and companies that don’t do everything right, their traffic may never recover. In dealing with organic traffic from Google, it’s best to be proactive in ensuring that you have a clean link profile, with no risk of penalisation.

We think it’s important for marketing managers to ask themselves a few questions. Do you know who is linking to your website? Do you have an SEO team actively building links to your website? If so, are they willing to show you every individual link they have built? If not, you may want to look deeper into the issue. MMGY Global may be willing to help you look into it for free, by performing a no obligation link audit for your website.



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