Which Were the Best Mobile Innovations of 2012?

It’s been a great year for innovation in mobile, with brands embracing new technologies to try to find different ways of engaging with consumers.

Location-based services, social tools and augmented reality apps have been among the most prominent trends, and there have also been some interesting developments in mobile payments and m-commerce.

To round-up some of the most impressive examples of mobile innovation from 2012 econsultancy asked several brands and agencies for their input. Read the report here:


Brands UNILEVERQRpediaeBayGrapple,  IsobarSOMO gave these examples as best mobile innovations of 2012:

A positive environmental impact, unique codes on packaging that offer free talk time to customers who answer a few research questions, two factor authentication apps for digital security, customers can scan items as they shop using their smartphone, and pay at the till all without having to unload their bags, “digitising” the athlete with Nike FuelBand,  taxi apps such as Hailo, a convincing two-way conversation between the child and the toy and augmented reality plasters for Muppets.

What were YOUR best mobile apps of 2012? Please leave a comment below…

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