Yon-Ka Hydra N°1

We’ve written about skincare experts Yon-Ka before, impressed by the brand’s effective products. So it’s no surprise to hear they will be launching Hydra N°1, a new intense hydration programme late September.


Hydra N°1 helps regain and maintain a powerful and long-lasting level of up to 144% more hydration whilst also fighting signs of ageing.

The Hydra N°1 range consists of three new products which work in unison to re-enforce the skin’s natural barrier as well as replenish and maintain healthy water levels.

The clinical corneometry tests showed immediate hydrating effect:

Sérum + Crème = +144%;

Sérum + Fluide = +122%;

Masque = +96% after 8 hours

Yon-Ka hydra No1 fluide

Yon-Ka hydra No1 fluide

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