Ab Fab – the afterparty at Liberty London

OMG – absolutely fabulous! The flowers alone must run into the thousands. What a great party after the world premiere. Every angle covered – beautifully dressed guests, great DJ and disco dance floor, gallons of Bolly,  Stoli clever cocktails, bags of sweeties and glitter everywhere.

If Eddy were to describe the mood: Sex, bitch, aristo, sex, punk, whore, bitch, prossie, lessie, punk, tart, slut. Oh but, with lovely shoes.”

dressed to kill...Kate Moss

dressed to kill…Kate Moss


Read a review of the movie here: “Shameless, wildly entertaining old hussies.”

Photos: (c) Alan Greenhalgh

The fabulous windows of Liberty designed by Liz Silvester capture the mayhem. Pink sequins, Eddy and Patsy mannequins in the film’s costumes by Rebecca Hale, bolly bottles and windows that talk and sing.

Ab Fab Windows at Liberty Ape Piaggio Ab Fab windows at Liberty Ab Fab windows

Oh yes, darling. Parties! That was a great time. How happy we were…



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