British Luxury Brand of Tomorrow: Demarquette’s Fine Chocolates

demarquette fine chocolates logoThree Great Taste Triple Gold Star Award Winners, one best-selling Sea Salt Bar, one sophisticated 85% Dark Chocolate Bar and all five hand-made using ethical chocolate created exclusively to bespoke recipes by Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette… that’s the inaugural line-up for the latest Demarquette luxury chocolate bar collection presented in striking new packaging.

 With over 50 Gold Awards in less than 5 years and a 2012 “British Luxury Brand of Tomorrow” winner, British born Master Chocolatier Marc Demarquette prides himself on discovering only the very best cocoas and ingredients (with as many as possible from the UK). But that’s not where he stops. His chocolate is not sourced ‘off-the-shelf’, but made and blended to his own  recipes. Working closely with plantations and partners throughout the ‘bean-to-bar’ process ensures that they strictly meet his exacting highest ethical and quality standards.

DeMarquette Fine Chocolate

The inaugural Chocolate Bar collection consists of five distinctive bars:

71.1% CacaoLux House Bar – The 71.1% house blend of single origin cocoas, a 2012 triple Gold Star Great Taste Award winner, is a unique blend of single origin cocoas from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Madagascar. The resulting flavour is seductive with a smooth and relaxed character, notes of ripe tropical fruit & rich nutty tones.

CacaoLux with Sea Salt – a winning combination of British Sea Salt from Halen Mon and the award-winning 71.1% CacaoLux house blend. The extra dimension of pure sea salt delivers the perfect balance of sweet and savoury, where the saltiness further accentuates and enhances the nuttiness and longevity of deep cocoa tones. (This has to be our favourite!)

85% Extra Dark House Bar – a unique house blend of superior cocoas from South America, Africa and The Caribbean which offers a smooth yet powerful chocolate experience that delivers on the intensity of pure luxury cocoa without the bitterness. A definite choice for the chocolate connoisseur as well as for those seeking a low sugar content.

Vietnam Ben Tre 70% Dark – A 2010 Triple Gold Star Award winner, the Ben Tre Plantations Pure Origin Chocolate from cocoa sourced from the southern region of Vietnam has finesse, pure cocoa tones and delightful aroma.

Vietnam BenTre 40% Milk – Also a 2010 Triple Gold Star Award winner, its rich and lasting cocoa tones of this high percentage milk chocolate bar has a creamy texture with notes of summer fruit, dark toffee and caramel.

And above all they do not add palm oil, substitutes or any other synthetic or artificial flavourings to the chocolates.

The newly designed packaging of the 22 grm bars which retail at £2.75 each are available from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, independent delis, farm shops and fine food stores across the nation as well as online at

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