Facebook News Feed 2013 – Goodbye Clutter?

From this in 2007 Image
to this in 2013
Facebook Timeline 2013

Richer visual and story-driven content, Zuckerberg says that News Feed has primarily become about visual content. More than half of the News Feed has become about photos. The amount of content from Pages has also increased, from less than 20 percent to close to 30 percent.

Facebook Newsfeed across devices

Facebook Newsfeed across devices

Rolls out today! Try it here https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

These changes include Rich Stories, which display photos and visual content much more prominently and vividly; Choice of Feeds, giving users more control over the topics of stories they see; and better Mobile Consistency, making your Facebook experience much more seamless across desktop and mobile devices.

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  1. you post this fast. I just watched it live and did a search for the fun of it. wow!


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