GŌNG Star Bartender Nights Kick Off With The Clumsies from Athens

There’s a new season of adventurous cocktails at GŌNG – with creations from some of the world’s star bartenders high up over London on level 52 as The Shard nears its highest point.


Expect lab-style cocktail creations and no holding back, as GŌNG transforms for its first Star Bartender nights of the year.  The Clumsies from Athens are the first hedonistic house-guests from 22 to 25 March at GŌNG. The Clumsies bar in Athens is named the 9th top bar in The World’s 50 Best Bars.

What to expect? Cocktails with complex flavours and subtle contrasts, combined with the zing of fresh herbs and fruit. The Clumsies’ shopping list is full of surprises, including: baby rocket, dill, clarified tomato water, sun dried tomatoes, green olives, coriander, spearmint, through to tangerines.

For a deep and complex cocktail try the Infinity made from Bourbon, distilled liquid leaven, hazelnut potion, olive. Or a #Clumsynegroni with typical sweet and bitter tastes mixed up from Old Tom gin, vermouth, Campari, beeswax and pepper.

An all time classic for a bright and refreshing taste is the GŌNG Collins from aged rum, fresh lemon juice, salty honey, apple soda, cucumber bitters.

Metamorphosis (sweet, sour) is made from Blanco tequila, citroen vodka, and a refreshing cordial – specially for the season. It’s inspired by ‘The magical transmutation of flavours in a recipe that allows the ingredients to change state, or to metamorphosise at regular intervals.’

Trilogy (sour, sweet) is London dry gin, mint and triangle potion. Aiming to be ‘an essence which unites three parts and allows the beginning, the middle and the end to become one.’

With several top residencies planned for 2017, its line-up also includes Steve Schneider from Singapore / New York serving signature cocktails alongside Christian Maspes, head bartender and the team at GŌNG.

Reservations are recommended. Tel. +(44) 0207 234 8208



The name GŎNG derives from the Chinese word ‘dougong’ – a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets commonly seen in traditional Chinese architecture and featured throughout the sky-high venue.



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