HAIR: Fishfoam Mousse and Plumpfish Shampoo

Fish Salon Soho have been doing great products for twenty years, since founder Paul Burfoot cooked up some wax in his shed.

We already love the Fish 25ml minis at £2.99 – handy for travel or in the manbag. The texturising fishshape cream has firm but flexible hold and doesn’t dry hard. The fishfingers wax is the original and defining product. Styling tip: apply to the tips not the roots to avoid a flat look.

Fish Salon Soho

Fish minis at £2.99 – hand for travel or bag


New on the block is the Platinum Edition collection of styling products with a couple of new additions.

Fish Salon Soho new products

Fishfoam mousse and Plumpfish shampoo

Fishfoam Volume Styling Mousse (£6.15, 150ml)

Fishfoam Mousse helps build strength, volume and lift from the roots while styling and shaping hair. Added maca root extract helps to improve hair brittleness and thickness.

Plumpfish Thickening Shampoo (£4.29, 250ml)

Hydrolyzed wheat protein and date extract deliver extra volume and thickness, helping build your hair’s inner strength.

Fish reckon a more ‘sophisticated do’ is the Slick Side Parting

Fish Soho

The gentleman’s slide


Here’s How To Get it: using Plumpfish Shampoo, Fishfoam Mousse and Platinum Edition Fishfingers Wax. Wash hair with the shampoo to add volume and while hair is still damp, work a small amount of mousse through to give extra lift. Comb hair into a side parting then once dry use the wax to add definition.

Available from Boots UK-wide or 

With Platinum’s refined fragrance and enhanced conditioning it’s firmly aimed at the more refined gent.

Ahem, that’s us then.



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