Oyster Hunting At Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

 Love Oysters? Then come foraging for them the sustainable way with Bedruthan Hotel & Spa’s Oyster Hunting Break.

Oyster Hunting

Bedruthan Hotel & Spa’s Oyster Hunting Break.

Join expert oysterman, Tim Marshall in Porthilly, where the Marshall family has farmed oysters and mussels on the banks of the Camel Estuary for four generations.

Here, ankle deep in mud, you’ll scour the tide line for delicious native oysters and there will be ample opportunity to try a few succulent examples right there on the tide line. You will also gather a haul to take back to the hotel for a cooking demonstration by one of Bedruthan’s chefs.

Britain’s native oysters are in decline, but scientists agree that the best way to save them is to eat more of them. Dr Philine zu Ermgassen, an oyster restoration researcher with the Nature Conservancy, says fishermen are the biggest champions of oyster restoration here in the UK. Ermgassen and others believe that creating economic demand is the best way to support fishermen taking care of, and restoring, our remaining oyster beds.

The Oyster Hunting Break is 3rd March or 19th October 2013 from £275 per person for a two night break.

Oyster hunting will take place on the Saturday only and lasts five hours including transport to and from Pothilly.


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