Androidly – the world’s first full-featured android smart watch

The world’s first completely integrated and fully featured smartwatch has launched – beating mobile giants Apple, Sony, Google and Samsung. It’s the world’s first full featured android smart watch because, although there are watches in the market which sync with your android phone, there is no watch which runs complete android on it and has the play […]

A Taste of The French Riviera with X.B. the luxury pre-mixed Sex On The Beach cocktail

Introducing X.B. the luxury pre-mixed Sex On The Beach cocktail. Launched in May 2012 by wealthy entrepreneur Javed Fiyaz at the Cannes Film Festival, X.B. has made its mark in Europe as a ‘cocktail’ club drink. Sex on the Beach is known the world over and has been a club staple since the mid 1980’s. Consistency between bartenders and clubs has always […]