E-Lites E-cigarettes Smoking Sponsorship in Motorsports with MCE British Superbike Championship

E-Lites, the UK’s biggest e-cigarette brand, has announced a partnership with the MCE British Superbike Championship for the 2013 season. The partnership signals a return to motorsport for a smoking related product for the first time since tobacco related sponsorships ended in 2005. The E-Lites sponsorship package will include trackside and event branding as well […]

RAMPART | Woody Harrelson

The best thing about this movie is the end. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great movie. Maybe the best you’ll see this year. Review by Alan Greenhalgh. Set in the police Precint of Rampart in Los Angeles it’s one man’s journey into paranoia, anxiety and retribution.  Woody Harrelson plays Cop Dave Brown. “It […]